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We provide a blend of products to our customers, tailored made to meet each and every detailed requirement.

HACCPSome of these products include:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Mylopotamos® & Sitia® cold pressed
  • Premium Cheeses – Tuvosku®
  • Delicatessen Olives – Sermyli’s Gaia®
  • Organic sauces & vegetable products (canned) – Arotos®, Soudis®
  • Bakery Products – Haritonas®

Hellenic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mylopotamos olive oil factory is a proud producer of extra virgin olive oil of Crete, who hold prize awards from the Mario Solinas International Council of Olive Oil Producers.

Their supreme olive oil is cultivated and processed in the area of Mylopotamos, south of the town of Rethimnon.


Hellenic Premium Cheeses

Greek cheeses happen to have a unique taste due to all these methods but the secret ingredient lies under the aromatic warm sun and above its rich and blessed land.

Our wide selection of Hellenic cheeses include P.D.O. Feta and Graviera from various domestic regions exclusively from dedicated producers.


Hellenic Delicatessen Olives

Hellenic olives are famous for their taste, purity and freshness.

We ensure that our olives are to be specially selected from only the best olive trees from Crete and Halkidiki.


hellenic-food_systemWhat we do...

Many local taverns and their chefs use products we offer in their ingredients, serving happy consumers daily;
Providing that special unique feeling and taste of genuine Hellenic cuisine.
We have combined a fork and knife in our logo, establishing a unique identity that blends our knowledge of food with our country and profile as a whole.

Hellenic Wines

The ancient God Dionysus always had a love for wine cultivation, that’s why Greeks always made their own regional produced wines that gradually blended into our modern cuisine.

Our wines indulge you into the quintessential experience of authentic Greek wine.


Hellenic Cured Meats & Sausages

Greeks have an adoration for their traditional meats.

Our cured meats are made from only non - GMO fed animals using traditional methods giving a fine and unique taste in all our end products.


hellenic-food_systemOur products...

Delivering a full range of quality selected food and wine products to our clients, hand in hand with our producers that creates a competitive and time saving advantage for every order.

All our fresh products are shipped immediately by air to our customers, ensuring the best quality at your facilities.


Hellenic Seafood

We specialize in the production of crab meats from producers who follow traditional Greek harvesting methods, in the area of ancient Pydna, queen Olympia, mother of Alexander the greats’, last residence.


Hellenic Porcini

Not many would imagine that Greek porcini, amongst other domestic products, is exported to Italy.

Our alpine-like region of Grevena (west Macedonia) produces unique porcini harvest.


Hellenic Organic Sauces

Organic sauces and vegetables are products that have a long history and tradition throughout Greece, stemming down from when our ancestors harvested their tomatoes, and using their traditional preserving methods