Our strategy is based on an ongoing trend which is applied and executed amongst only the well organised and professional distributing companies. It is also a strategy which works especially well in the fast moving food and wine market.

Delivering a full range of quality selected products to our clients, from cold storage directly to HORECA clients, creates a competitive and time saving advantage for every order scale and type.

This is our milestone we want to build with our clients and partners.

Quantities are always on the mind of every producer and transport company, sometimes creating an unwanted conflict which may disrupt the disttribution for the end client’s and may even put their reputation at risk.

We fully understand these issues and have created a food and wine format that helps clients, large or small, to manage and select multiple pallet quantities per container saving you time and money. We can provide a pallet of your daily menu ingredients directly to your restaurant or bistro.

We are ready to support you with a full range of FOB gourmet products at their best and on time.