Nicolas Koronakis, his wife Anastasia and their passion for premium gourmet foods, gave way to the inception of Hellenic Food System®, a leading high end food producer and supplier service, specialized in providing selected high quality foods such as extra virgin olive oil, premium dairy, selected meat and poultry products plus bespoke wine and spirits; all ranging from carefully selected farms and producers throughout Greece.

Our first step into the amazing world of food and wine started from two boutique delicatessen stores in Thessaloniki, Greece.

This passion was to be quickly acknowledged by our customers, creating a new horizon of wholesale; our current core business structure.

Today Hellenic Food System® operates as a registered wholesaler of fine foods and wine.

Our advanced operation network offers gourmet solutions to more than 100 local customers as a preferred distributor to quality retailers, including 5 star hotels and their chefs; restaurants, who serve both Greek and international cuisine; delicatessen & gourmet stores, food service operations and other outlets of fresh foods.

Hellenic Food System’s® parallel strategy is to implement the exact same local philosophy on an international level, serving high end quality food products to its global partners, with an option to ship in a consolidated fashion.

As a result, our products can be found in delicatessen market shelves, restaurants & bistros in several large overseas markets; such as the UK, France, Germany, USA & Russia.

These overseas ventures made us realize the uniqueness in taste deriving from Greek foods making us stand proud by its ever increasing consumer demand.